Exquisite beverages, food, & stunning views will take you as far as our horizon goes.

Our kitchen reflects our passion.

The well versed head chef, Mark Zarb attained many years of experience in the catering industry, while also being behind some of Malta’s best restaurant concepts.


The main focus is simple, it’s all about sourcing the right ingredients, fresh and local.

Unparalleled Views

Enjoy our cocktails whilst being surrounded by spectacular open sea views that will keep you breathless.
Our cocktail menu goes all the way from old time classics to our signature cocktails.

Our Food

Our menu is an interplay of textures and colours that brings together life and vibrance, whilst enhancing flavours in our dishes. Experience the menu, starting with, the raw corner with a variety of raw local fish and carpaccios. Secondly, the inhouse fresh pasta, followed by our carefully thought main courses from pan-seared scallops, Argentinian rib-eye to dutch veal cutlets and much more. Unwind and relish in the flavours from the Skyroom.

Our Bar & Mixology

The Skyroom cocktail bar displays a unique cocktail list, created by a team of experienced mixologists. One can choose from a variety of Pre and Prohibition-era cocktails, martinis and champagne cocktails, twisted with our unique infusions. Alongside the cocktail menu is an extensive spirit and wine list which include some of the world’s best vintage spirits and wines. All this accompanied by lavish bar platters, in an easy-going vibe with some jazz and blues music. Our staff are dedicated and committed to recommend and create the perfect drink exclusively to compliment your night out.

Venue Decor

The design concept by Lime Interior Architecture & Design brings back the stunning old time glamour in deep jewel tones of teal and wine, themed with the softness of velvet and the luxury of leather and marble. Touches of mixed metals in brass and copper complete the elegant setting.


The long and amazing history of the Skyroom Penthouse at Preluna Hotel, Sliema, Malta.


Located on the 14th Floor of the Preluna Hotel, the Skyroom has always been the most attractive feature of this family run, ever popular seafront hotel.


Soon after the opening of the hotel, the Skyroom was inaugurated in the summer of 1969, that is a whopping half a century ago. Opening its doors to a luxurious nightclub and restaurant with live bands and cabaret acts. It lived exciting years being the epitome of nightlife on the island, serving high end customers specializing.


In the years that followed the island suffered uncertainties in tourism and the economy in general resulting in a substantial downturn.

In the seventies discos were all the vogue. Stepping up its game, in line with the upcoming trend the area was refurbished, extended and turned into a groovy disco, complete with mirror ball lights, rotating spot lights and even laser effects!


Some years later with a turn around in tourism on the islands due to the popularity of package holidays. This encouraged the management to once again reinvent the space and cater for what was mainly British market. The cabaret was born! Renowned UK artists and comedians were invited to perform, flown in every week on an everchanging programme, supported by a host of dancers and singers. This new venture became an instant success and the highlight of entertainment on the island for many, many years. Shows featured top-quality artists some leaving a lasting impression on the locals who still remember the inimitable Pancho Villa, Jerry Harris and Guys in Disguise, amongst many others.

The Sundays were reserved for the original “Lejla Maltija”, transforming the room into a Folklore haven, with the “Ghanejja” and the “Paul Curmi Dancers” filling the shows whilst the restaurant served real Maltese specialities like “soppa tal-armla” , “stuffat tal-fenek” and ” helwa tat tork”. This night became so popular that by popular demand it became a twice or three times a week event.

The years of entertainment continued till the nineties when once again the management feeling the change of times had the room transformed into a relaxation lounge bar exclusive for its hotel residents.


Live performances by both local and international artists who perform jazz and blues music, mixed with our unique venue create a perfect and unique atmosphere. Please check our Facebook page for scheduled events.


Create unforgettable memories together in our unique atmosphere. Our team will make sure that your experience is delightful, complete, and fit for the needs of your group. Drop us an email today with your request.